what are #thankyou postcards?

#thankyou postcards are a super quick way for you to put kindness and encouragement into the world!   buy a single postcard and we’ll send a printed paper postcard for you (and from you) with a special, pre-printed message thanking the person it was designed for.

how does it work?

single #thankyou postcards are designed for a specific person, usually when we Spotlight them. postcards designed for a specific person are available as singles for now.

four packs include four cards with the same design and pre-printed message, but aren’t written to a specific person.  buy a pack and you can send ’em to whoever tickles your fancy!

what’s up with the Spotlight?

every couple of weeks, we’ll select a new person to Spotlight for their work on a particular issue. we will create a specific postcard for the Spotlightee, basing the design on a popular hashtag, trending phrase or topic, or a cool word that caught our eyes.

can i buy printed paper postcards to send?

YEP –  you can buy postcards in packs of four, as many packs as you’d like.  you’ll receive white postcards printed with a unique, hand drawn, black and white design.  you can send them out as-is, or decorate and color to your heart’s content.  at the moment, we’re doing single designs to a pack but multi-design packs are in the plan.

will my #thankyou card be decorated?

we color or decorate single postcards as we have time, but postcard packs will arrive on your doorstep in their pristine, ne’er been colored whiteness.

can i tell you where to send a card?

not now.  single postcards will go to the selected Spotlightee, postcard packs will ship to you for coloring or decoration.

why do you need my address?

we send postcards with your address because we want it to come from you.  this is especially important when contacting elected officials – they love hearing from their constituents.

did you mention a donation?

yes!  we’re donating percentage of the profit from each individual card and postcard pack to a non-profit doing work in that field, or a field that benefits multiple issues.

how do you choose the people to spotlight?

for now, we’re keeping our eyes peeled for people who are stepping up their game, getting outside their comfort zone, taking a stand where maybe they haven’t before.  our goal is to get suggestions from site visitors (i.e. YOU) and eventually Spotlight folks from YOUR suggestions.

how do i suggest someone to thank?

use our Suggest a Person form and THANK YOU!

how do you choose the issues to highlight?

here’s our current list of issues, and we’re always open to your suggestions

how do i suggest an issue?

use our Suggest an Issue form and THANK YOU!

do you highlight organizations?

we’re focusing on individuals, although we may make an occasional exception.  our Aleppo postcard is an exception because of the logistics of contacting people in high conflict areas.