take a moment and thank our current Spotlight-ee, Senator Elizabeth Warren!  she consistently fights on behalf of consumers and constituents, demanding accountability and ethical behavior from other elected officials.

encourage others

our purpose is to shine a Spotlight on people who are doing great work in difficult circumstances, and those who step outside their expected comfort zone to address challenging issues.  most people who serve others, or a purpose bigger than themselves, expect to receive little reward or recognition but we here at #thankyou want that to change.

we think it is critical, now more than ever, that we support each other.  we must value those who are drawn to public service, front line work with our most vulnerable people, cultural and societal reform, justice, and the constant vigilance required to maintain the rights and dignity of all people.  every few weeks, we will choose a different person to Spotlight, hopefully from your suggestions, and they’ll be featured on the site.